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8 Amazing Things Juicing Can Do For You

1. Gives your body a blast of nutrients
Think of how healthy you would feel if you ate a large plate of vegetables every day. Now think of how much easier that would be if you ate that plate of vegetables and actually enjoyed it! Juicing can give you that whole plate of vegetables in a glass of delicious tasting juice that you will find easy to drink and enjoy.
2. Increases your intake of dark green vegetables
Dark leafy green vegetables (spinach, kale, collards, Swiss chard, etc.) are usually the vegetables most lacking in our diets, but they are so good for you! By juicing these vegetables you can reap the amazing benefits without stressing about having them on your plate at every meal.
3. Incorporates a wide range of fruits and vegetables into your diet
No matter what anyone says there are just some fruits and vegetables that you can’t stomach getting down! For me, I literally cannot stand the taste of grapefruit—like it makes me want to gag trying to eat it, but it has amazing benefits (especially when you are trying to lose weight) so I incorporate grapefruit into my juices. It is always a small percentage of my juice so I don’t get the strong taste from it that I cannot stand, but I get the amazing benefits. Think of a fruit or vegetable you can’t stand, but has great benefits…wouldn’t it be nice to have the benefits without the taste!
4. Gives your digestive system a break
Because juicing removes the fiber from whole fruits and vegetables your body more easily absorbs them. Juicing vegetables like celery have been shown to have great benefits to those with digestion problems. Give it a try for a week and you will notice a difference. 
5. Increases energy
This is the first thing I noticed when I started my juicing journey! You will have energy for days (assuming you are getting proper sleep). Juicing is a great way to meet or exceed your daily nutrient level requirements, which will also increase your energy levels and overall health.
6. Helps you establish healthier eating habits
So many of us do not have healthy eating habits and consuming the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables is harder than it sounds. Juicing can be a different but enjoyable way to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your diet and improve your health!
7. Helps you hit your weight loss goals
No, just drinking juice is not going to magically make you drop 10 lbs., but it is such a great start towards making a healthier you! Incorporating juicing into a healthy balanced diet and exercise routine can maximize your benefits and help you lose weight faster. Most vegetables (especially dark leafy greens) are naturally low in calories and this is consistent when juicing them as long as you don’t add too much fruit.
8. Reduces Disease Risk
People who consume a diet rich in fruits and vegetables are much more likely to have reduced risk of some chronic diseases (i.e. heart disease, high blood pressure and some types of cancer). Juicing is an amazing way of introducing more fruits and vegetables into your diet and contribute to a healthier you and reduce your risk of getting these diseases.
I am not promoting juicing as a way to avoid having to eat fruits and vegetables in their whole form. I absolutely believe that you should eat whole fruits and vegetables and that eating whole fruits and vegetables is an important part of every diet. Juicing should be a supplement that just increases this intake. At the end of the day, our bodies need what they need to be at optimal health and fruits and vegetables are a huge part of that! But let’s face it, as much as we all try to get the proper amount of fruits and vegetables into our diets and on our plates at every meal, we often fall short and we fall short on a regular basis. Incorporating juicing into your everyday life will give you the peace of mind that when you fall short you can drink a delicious glass of fresh fruit (go easy on these) and vegetable (go crazy on these) juice that will keep you operating at your best!



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