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Hi there, I’m Mary! I am a self-prescribed social-introvert, whereby I get my power from being by myself, but my joy comes from sharing and helping others. I love to bring a ray of sunshine into people’s lives and homes, whether it is by cooking, sharing a good meal, making crafts, trying my hand at DIYs or just sharing a good laugh. How else would I describe myself? Well, I’m wife to my amazing husband, Brandon, and mommy to 3 incredible little boys (Hunter and Austin, who are my 4-year-old twins and Colton my rambunctious 2-year-old).

Before I was perfecting my modern woman skills as a wife and mother, I was a college athlete. I played college basketball at Loyola Marymount University (which by the way has arguably one of the most beautiful campuses in the country…I know I am a little bias). I earned my degree in Natural Science with an emphasis in Physical and Occupational Therapy. I have always been intrigued by how amazing the human body is and the best ways to keep it in optimal shape!


Even though I’m not working in the world of physical therapy, I still believe in the ethos that life is a wonderful balance. If we do the best we can to give our mind, body, and soul what it needs to thrive then we will begin to reap the rewards. I strive to live a healthy lifestyle even when I want to indulge in some good old comfort food and a chocolatey dessert every once in a while (did I mention that I love dessert AND chocolate)! My blog totally supports that and hey I might even show you some healthy alternatives that will still satisfy those sweet cravings along the way.


Adjusting to a busy life as a wife and mother of 3 toddlers has really exposed me to a different side of life. I have been able to experience great triumphs, great falls, and even greater learnings through it all. They often say that Mother Nature is undefeated, and I like to say mothers are undefeated! As I grow as a person, a wife, and a mother, I want to serve as a beacon of light in this world. I hope that I can aid you in your journey, like so many people have done for me, by providing practical and helpful advice. Growing is an active process. It is not something you do and just one day stop…I plan to be an active participant in my growth and encourage you to as well.


I truly believe that love is the greatest of all things! The greatest of all gifts, the greatest of all feelings, the greatest of all emotions and if we power ourselves on love there is no limit for us in this life! That means that you love your body enough to give it what it needs, even though your mind may not want it. Love your family enough to see past their faults (shoot love yourself for this reason as well). Love those around you without judgment! We have all felt love’s energy many times over. For me, it is as simple as helping the elderly woman in Costco get milk off the rack to waking up each day thinking about how I can give my children my all! These things equally invigorate my soul!

So why did I start Nature Made & Love Grown?

Because I am that girl who believes that as we grow as people it’s our responsibility to continue to share the very best of ourselves with those, we come in to contact with. And what better way to reach you all than through a blog. I hope you enjoy!




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