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Juicing vs Blending

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Learn the difference between juicing and blending and decide which is right for you

It is no secret that the more fruits and vegetables you include in your diet, the greater the benefits! Unfortunately, it can really be hard for most of us to consume the recommended 5 servings per day (2 servings of fruit and 3 servings of vegetables). Both juicing and blending are fantastic ways to increase your servings quickly and easily. That being said there is so much information out there that debate which is better, Juicing vs Blending? I don’t understand why one has to be better than the other and why we can’t incorporate them both into our daily lives. Especially when there isn’t a debate about whether or not they can both help improve our overall health.
I personally do both! And would encourage you to as well. I love to incorporate juicing and blending (or smoothies) into my boys’ diets as well. They love to help mommy get everything ready in the kitchen, but they especially love helping me prepare juices and smoothies. They are fascinated with watching the pulp come out of the juicer and love to dance to the “loud music” of the blender when I am making smoothies. They really do run around screaming and jumping up and down every time they hear the churning grind of a kitchen appliance. They also love to tell me what to put in their smoothies. Mommy, I want blueberries in it today! Or put cantaloupe in it, mommy. Sometimes they get a little crazy and ask me to put broccoli in there, but that is a vegetable I prefer to juice!  
What is Juicing?
Juicing extracts the liquid portion of whole fruits and vegetables from their pulp/fiber and you are left with a thin liquid that is rich in vitamins, minerals, and other phytonutrients that are quickly and easily absorbed by our bodies.
  • You can juice a large amount and wide variety of fruits and vegetables that may be difficult to incorporate into smoothies or consume in their whole form
  • Provides a nutrient dense juice in a much smaller volume than smoothies
  • Due to the lack of fiber, it gives your digestive system a break and nutrients are more readily absorbed into your body
  • Lacks fiber so will not keep you feeling full for long
Quick Tip: I have recently started adding a tablespoon or two of chia seeds to my juices and it keeps my stomach feeling full for much longer
  • Can be time-consuming to prepare and cleaning the juicier parts can be a pain
Check out this post to see the juicers I recommend.
What is blending?
Whole fruits and vegetables are blended together to create what is commonly known as a smoothie. Everything that is blended is then consumed giving the body vital nutrients and fiber.  
Be sure to check out my other posts on smoothies for great recipes to try!
Check out the blenders I recommend: 
  • Quicker and easier to prepare than juices
  • Because the fiber remains from the whole fruits and vegetables it is great as a meal replacement that will keep you full longer than a juice
  • You can add many other
    nutrient rich
    ingredients like nuts (almonds, cashews, etc…), seeds (i.e. flax seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds), yogurt, healthy fats, protein powders, green powders
  • Produces a thicker drink than juice and may take some getting used to in terms of texture.
  • Depending upon the blender you have there are limitations on what you can blend without yielding a texture that will be hard for you to get down.
Note: These are pros and cons that I have observed, but you may see some of the pros I listed as cons and vice versa. This is simply meant to give you an idea of the difference between them to help you make an informed choice about which you choose to do (or both)
At the end of the day, both juicing and smoothies are excellent ways to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet. It will come down to what works best with your lifestyle and the amount of time you have on your hands. If you can, do yourself a favor and experience the best of both worlds by doing both! When you have the time, juice and when you don’t, blend up a smoothie.
Let me know what you prefer? Or are you like me and enjoy doing both?



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