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My twins have been really good sleepers from about 3 months old on and since they have been toddlers I rarely have to tend to them at night (my youngest son is a whole other story!). A few months ago they started coming into our room shortly after we laid them down complaining about bad dreams when they haven’t actually gone to sleep yet! My husband and I get a kick out of that one! Like son, you can’t have a bad dream or any dream for that matter if you are still awake (well maybe daydreaming, but its night and again they are awake lol). I think that is more about it being dark and hearing things and not knowing what those things are so that is what is scaring them. I can remember having that feeling when I was a kid! I used to hate going downstairs to get anything in our house growing up at night. As soon as I would grab what I or my parents needed I would dash up the stairs like someone was chasing me. Silly I know, but I did it and as an adult, I have no idea why. What did I think was down there?!? Monsters!
Just recently though it got to the point that they were legitimately waking up during the night saying that they were scared of monsters. At first, it was just one of them about once a night, but then it turned into both of them at different times in the night so my husband and I were taking turns going in there room to calm them down and get them back to sleep. One night the older twin (Hunter) came in our room, my husband went in and tried to calm him and he just wouldn’t stop crying. So to avoid having him waking up his brother up we just brought him into our bed and he slept with us for the rest of the night.
Side note: My son was on top of the world about getting to sleep in Mommy and Daddy’s bed that night. He made it a point to tell his brothers (who are still scathing with envy lol) and explain to them how much fun it was and such (even though we literally all just went back to sleep), but hey it is the little joys in life that get us through! Mind you my husband and I did not enjoy being kicked and pushed the whole night, but our little guy was happy and felt safe so you do what you have to!
So after that night, the next couple nights were even worse because now they thought hey I get to sleep with Mommy and Daddy if I just act scared enough! I knew we had to think of something else to help them get through the night and feel safe doing so. 
After one of their not so good nights, we woke up the next morning and I was talking to them about these monsters they were seeing and if they thought it would help if mommy made them some monster spray to protect them and keep these monsters away from their room at night (Mind you I asked them that not knowing what I was going to actually use as a monster spray). They were ecstatic! Yes, Mommy let’s make some and we will spray those monsters out of our room! I quickly went to google because um, I don’t actually know what I am going to do to make a monster spray. Low and behold most recipes just called for water and essential oils. So I found an old spray bottle that I had around the house we filled it with water and I pulled out some kid-friendly essential oils and added enough drops so the scent was prevalent, I made a label stuck it on the bottle and done.
Once our monster spray was ready we needed to test it out! We started to spray it and honestly, I just made up a chant along the way, “MONSTERS, MONSTERS GO AWAY! MONSTERS, MONSTERS YOU CANT STAY!”
Be careful with this spray because my youngest who doesn’t wake up because of monsters (yet) loves to spray it! And he will spray it until his bed is wet, like actually wet!  
Well, that did the trick! We spray the spray and do our little chant around each of the boy’s beds and rooms before bed at night and leave the spray in our twins’ room so they can spray it if any monsters happen to come lurking during the night! We still have occasional little wake ups in the night where I really think they just want a little loving, but they are few and far between now.
Do your toddlers wake up because of those scary monsters at night? What are some things you do to help them along the way? Try this recipe and let me know how it works!

Monster Spray


  • Small spray bottle
  • Water to fill spray bottle
  • Kid safe essential oils we used lavender, sweet orange, lemon and lime
  • A label to give this amazing spray a name


  • Drop essential oils into water bottle (I just eyeball it, but 20-30 drops should give off enough scent for this spray).
  • Fill the rest of the bottle with water and place the top on.
  • Put the label you created on and shake before each use.
  • Use my little chant (MONSTERS, MONSTERS GO AWAY! MONSTERS, MONSTERS YOU CANT STAY!) or make one up with your kids and keep those monsters away!



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