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My Top 10 Essential Oil Blends

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Can you tell I love essential oils? Give some of these blends a try and you will too!
Sometimes I like to think of myself as the ultimate DIYer, while other times I just want things done for me! Are you the same? Here are some essential oil blends that will speak to both!


  1. Lavender Dream
4 drops Lavender, 3 drops Cedarwood,  3 drops Sweet Orange
I love lavender for so many things around my house. I even use it outside to keep flies away in the summer! But this blend is perfect for using at night when I need my boys to calm down and prepare for sleep.
  1. Sweet Bliss
3 drops Grapefruit, 2 drops Ylang Ylang, 1 drop Vanilla
This makes my house smell like sweet uplifting goodness. It is great to use in my fabric refresher spray as well.
  1. Citrus Goodness
2 drops Sweet Orange, 2 drops Grapefruit, 1 drop Lemon, 1 drop Lime
This is definitely a  mood lifter and just smells like sunshine! Great to diffuse after spring cleaning your house!
  1. Lemongrass Lavender
5 drops Lemongrass, 5 drops Lavender
This is the most simple yet amazing smelling blend ever. I use this combo in everything from baby wipes to fabric refresher sprays. If you are going to get any 2 essential oils get these two and use the heck of out them!
  1. Go Away Cold
5 drops Lavender, 5 drops Eucalyptus, 3 drops Tea Tree
This is my go-to blend we are battling colds at my house. The lavender will help you sleep, while the eucalyptus and tea tree open you up and clean the air (please do not use eucalyptus on children under age 2).
  1. Honeybell
This is a proprietary blend from Plant Therapy that I love to use on my wool dryer balls for my laundry. It smells so good and uplifting and leaves our clothes so fresh.
  1. Nighty Night
Another blend from Plant Therapy’s KidSafe line! This is a great blend to use at night to wind the kids down before bed. I use it alternation with my own blend above. It smells so good and is very relaxing.  
  1. Thieves
This is a proprietary blend from Young Living and I absolutely love it! It smells amazing in my opinion, the benefits are endless and it makes for the most amazing disinfecting spray! It is pricey but well worth it!
  1. Citrus Bliss
This is a proprietary blend from doTERRA and is just a great oil to have in your collection. It is more complex than my DIY citrus blend above, but I like that! It will freshen up your mood and your house. 
  1. Slim and Sassy
Another blend from doTERRA that I think is great in aiding you in a weight loss journey. This is not one that I use around my home, but instead, I like to add a couple drops to a glass of water and drink it.
These are just my top 10 blends that get frequent and heavy use around my house, that does not mean that these are the only essential oils that I use! Give 1 or all of these a try and let me know how you like them!



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